1) Air Cooler 2) Micro Computer Control System 3) Lubricant Oil for Compressors 4) Rotary-Mounted Oil Filter 5) Motor
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• Special construction
• Can be usde on different
environment conditions
•Aluminum material design
• Good cooling effect

• Adjustable for air
• Communication function,
• Testing function
• Fault alarm function

As German industrial
standard DIN-50506 VDL,
stable viscosity, high
antioxidant, low oil
consumption, can be used on low temperature

• Fix and replace
• Good sealing, bearing high voltage and filtering effect

• SKF bearing, more
durable and reliable
•High efficiency, energy saving and long life
•Protection grade and insulation class can be made as per your request
6) Air Inlet Valve 7) Oil Air Seperator 8) Air End 9) Air Filter 10) Minimum Pressure Valve
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• Special inlet design
• Reliable and less damage
• Replace easily

• Good separating effect

• Double screw air end
• Big rotors, Low speed,
high efficiency

•Reliable and durable
•Use polypropylene
material, more impact
• Stable pressure
• Pressure loss is lowe 



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