Maintenance & Reconditioning

As part of our commitment to meeting customer expectations and delivering the best possible customer experience we have a professional team of expertly trained technicians to assist our customers with the servicing and maintenance of air compressors, onsite or offsite, in the event of a failure on any of our compressed air equipment. 

Because we understand the importance of routine preventative maintenance on all types of compressed air equipment in order to ensure its dependability and longevity, our service offering also includes preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance services to maximize the reliability and availability of equipment and systems. ​

Our services also include the following: ​

• Servicing of all types of Compressors
• Rebuilding Air Ends
• Replacing Bearings and Rewiring of Motors – 220V,380V, 525V
• Any Electrical Requirements
• Rewiring Control Panels
• Converting units from electronic to electrical.
• Breakdowns (we have mobile units to attend your needs)