Nuair Screw Compressors

Belt Driven Rotary Screw Compressors

NU AIR rotary screw compressors are the answer to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, where compressed air is one of the main sources of energy.

NU AIR SCREW COMPRESSORS are designed to offer reliable and efficient operation, optimisation of energy consumption, reduced operating and energy costs and simple installation and use.

All models in the range Mercury Sirio range, from 2.2 up to 75 kW, have the following benefits in common, which are typical of NU AIR screw technology:

• “IE3 Premium Efficiency” motors;
• New advanced ETMII and ETIV controllers;
• Air-ends completely designed and produced in our Italian facilities;
• High volumetric yield;
• Maximum reliability;
• Poly-V belt drive that ensures long service life and minimum maintenance;
• Versions with dryer;
• Variable speed version for energy saving;
• Suitable for intense and non-stop operation;
• Low installation cost;
• Low noise levels;
• Compact design;
• Ease of maintenance;

Besides the fully-assembled product, NU AIR offers a wide range of air-ends, intake regulators, thermostatic valves and accessories for the assembly of rotary compressors.